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Why 2021 is a great time to buy a business in Thailand

Yes you read the title right, 2021 is a great time to buy a business in Thailand now you may have read a lot of doom and gloom and the media love a story of tragedy, but Thailand still has a huge amount going for it and is weathering the pandemic better than many other countries.

So let us tell you honestly why it's the right time to buy.

The Regional Economy

Yes we know the nightlife industry is closed right now, but it will be back with a big bounce and that has not stopped the Thai Government's plans for the eastern seaboard and Pattaya. Those plans are significant.

The 3 Major projects that are already underway, will bring significant benefits to tourism, industry and visitors to Pattaya.

The high-speed rail project linking the three airports is a collaborative investment project between the government and the private company is underway and Construction of supporting structures and sites has already commenced.

This link alone for high speed rail travel between Suvarnabhumi and U-Tapao International Airports is a great boost for Pattaya and is already stimulating people into looking at buying a business like a beer-bar in Pattaya.

The other project is the expansion of U-Tapao airport. On june 3rd 2020 the Thai government officially approved a $9bn plan to expand U-Tapao International Airport which is the closest to Pattaya.

At Business Broker Consultants we were excited about this one as this will increase passenger numbers expeditiously and bring even more visitors to Pattaya. Now can you see why 2021 is looking up for the area and is a great time to Buy a business in Pattaya?

Pattaya's Future

It's as bright as a neon bar light, now once again you may have read consistent negativity, but ask yourself this question?

Why are regional partners, international contractors, Government and private industry, all investing in the region?

Pattaya's city hall has also given it go ahead and provided funding for the initial feasibility studies into Pattaya’s planned monorail project which will link with the high-speed rail station, allowing tourists from U-Tapa or Bangkok’s Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi airports to commute by train to down-town Pattaya.

This will deliver a huge boost to Pattaya's infrastructure, giving visitors even stronger reasons to visit Pattaya

The other great reason to buy a business in Pattaya like perhaps a gentleman’s club at the moment is prices. Many owners have taken the opportunity for early retirement or have decided to go back home for family reasons during the pandemic.

This has meant that there are now plenty of opportunities for clever buyers who are looking to get in on the future now, before the gates reopen and Pattaya is buzzing again.

The Wrap

Businesses will make money if you get the right one at the right price, simple economics.

If you're looking at buying a business in Thailand, then contact Business Broker Consultants and use our expertise and contacts to find the perfect business for you at the right price.

Take a look at our website, 2021 is a great time to buy a business in Thailand and particularly Pattaya.


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