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Invest in Paradise.


Why use BBC (Business Broker Consultants Co., Ltd) to Buy a Business?

Caveat Emptor is the Latin for “Let the buyer beware.”


Potential buyers will find no shortage of people claiming to be agents in Pattaya or even people who have contacts with agencies, but tread carefully. Most have no experience and offer no contracts. BBC have purchase contracts and undertake full ‘due diligence’ on behalf of the ‘buyer’.


BBC (Business Broker Consultants Co., Ltd) are currently the only dedicated business brokerage in Pattaya who have over 15 years of experience and specialize in business opportunities and business transfers within the entertainment industry.


Most people think a business is For Sale because it’s not profitable. This is usually not the case. 

Many people ask “why is the Business For sale?” There are countless fully legitimate reasons for selling a business, ranging from retirement, ill health, change of circumstances or other business commitments.


Remember everything is for sale if the price and conditions of sale are suitable to the buyer.


Talk to Pattaya’s premier and only dedicated business broker first. For the very best advice contact Business Broker Consultants (BBC) today.


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