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Gentleman's Club For Sale



Pattaya, Thailand offers a great standard of living with beautiful beaches, warm weather and friendly people.

Many people aspire to own a business in Pattaya. 

The sector that is seeing significant growth is in those who are taking over a Gentleman’s club here.

Defining a Gentleman's Club

A Gentleman’s club in Pattaya is the next step up from a bar. Somewhat more refined and usually a larger venue than a bar. They are places for discerning gentlemen to relax, while away the stresses of the day and be entertained.


Most venues offer very high standards of personal service and usually stock a good range of wines, spirits, bottled and draft beers. Some of the ‘high end’ clubs have their own kitchen and offer food.

Why a Gentleman's Club?

It is a fact that some of the most profitable entertainment venues in Pattaya are Gentleman’s clubs.


It is a great opportunity to stamp your own styling and brand on a business. One can create your own theme within the premises.

Location is not important when buying a Gentleman’s Club. It is the atmosphere you create and the staff you employ within the business that will make it profitable.


There are Gentleman’s clubs currently For Sale in Pattaya and the owners have genuine reasons for selling.

Appraise the Business

BBC (Business Broker Consultants Co., Ltd) we will carry out all the due diligence on any business purchased through us, especially when checking leases on leasehold premises.


BBC (Business Broker Consultants Co., Ltd) know the area and have over 15 years of experience in selling and transferring businesses to new owners. We will ensure the process of buying a Gentleman’s club will go smoothly.


The legal process can seem daunting but BBC (Business Broker Consultants Co., Ltd) will guide you carefully through the steps while outlining the costs.


Talk to Pattaya’s premier and only dedicated business broker first. For the very best advice contact Business Broker Consultants (BBC) today.

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