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Going back home? What you need to know about selling your business in Thailand

Business Broker Consultants are also in the business of acting on behalf of owners who have decided that Selling a Thai business here in Pattaya is the right move for them.

There are a number of reasons that people decide to sell businesses and it’s not always bad and many successful businesses come up for sale.

Often, it is simply a change in circumstances that can include full retirement, relocation, ill health, and many others. So don’t make the mistake of assuming that a business for sale has not previously done well. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Selling the business

Making sure you appoint an experienced business broker and a recommended lawyer is as important as it is for any potential buyers.

At BBC we get involved from day 1 and start to use our experience and creativity to begin the process. We offer honest advice and while you, as the business owner, naturally dictate the price, trust our experience and local knowledge.

We are also very adept at weeding out “time wasters” and screen all enquiries with pertinent questions. It is better to have a few quality photographs rather than raiding the Facebook page for those “busy bar night pics”

Buyers will want to see the fittings, fixtures and condition of the facilities in the premises, rather than balloons for a birthday party.

Selling a Thai business is no different from any kind of sales pitch. Present your premise in the best way possible to show buyers that it is a value for money business at your selling price.

Selling part of a business

Some business sales here in Pattaya take the form of a partial sale. Maybe the current owner is offering a specific part of the business or its assets for sale, or a partial stake to raise growth capital or refurbishment investment.

As a retiree, you may still want to keep your hand in the Pattaya nightlife scene and part of the deal is that you maintain a small non voting stake in the business.

Make sure you are very clear about what is for sale and what is not. Potential customers will always respond well to straight talk when Selling a Thai business in Pattaya or anywhere else in Thailand.

This type of sale is easily covered by drawing up a revised shareholders’ agreement or agreeing on draft articles of association. Again BBC can offer experienced help and advice.

The Wrap

Selling a Thai business is straightforward if you get the right team behind you. Buyers are out there and all the talk of “No one buys in Pattaya” is, well “just talk”

Talk to us and take advice from people who have lived, worked and sold numerous businesses here in Pattaya.


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