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Beer Bar

For Sale Pattaya


The bright lights with the beach and nightlife lifestyle have attracted many people to settle in Pattaya.


Yes, we know all about Covid-19 and its ramifications over the last year, but bars are still for sale (especially beer bars) and buyers are still purchasing.


It can be a dream lifestyle to live and to run a bar here in Pattaya Thailand. Thousands of ex-pats who live here bear testimony to the good weather, warm winters and some of the best nightlife in the world.


So what’s the best bar for you?

Beer Bars

Beer Bars are normally defined within the following parameters: 

The majority tend to be located in beer bar complex nestled among other beer bars. 

They are usually open structures with a bar counter in the middle where customers sit around drinking and being entertained by the staff. Most are smaller and therefore very easy to manage and run.

Many will offer games such as ‘pool or darts to increase staff and customer interaction.

What to look for

It is important to engage the services of a reputable agent such as BBC who’s Directors have over 15 years experience in selling bars in Pattaya.

This will pay huge dividends in the long run as BBC’s local knowledge and expertise, plus an endless list of contacts will guide you through your purchase.


Location is a key factor when purchasing a beer bar. The beer bar needs to be in a bar complex or area which attracts a high volume of ‘foot traffic’.

Next Step

So the excitement grows and you have made the final decision to take over/purchase a beer bar in Pattaya. 


Leave all the due diligence to the professionals BBC (Business Broker Consultants Co., Ltd) who will arrange and check all the necessary contracts and documents including all licenses to run the beer bar and the lease contract.


When you know the date of completion/transfer, make your statement and open with a ‘Bang’, arrange a grand opening party.


Talk to Pattaya’s premier and only dedicated business broker first. For the very best advice contact Business Broker Consultants (BBC) today.

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