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Why Gentleman's Clubs are Popular In Pattaya

In a previous blog we covered how the growth of gentleman’s clubs for sale in Pattaya was driving a sector of the nightlife industry, and our blog was well received but a few customers came back and asked “why are they so popular”?

As always at Business Broker Consultants we are happy to answer questions to the best of our ability, so here goes.


Popular Venues

There is no single factor to attribute to the increase in popularity in gentleman’s clubs here in Pattaya, but some of the more significant ones we believe are as follows.

Comfort seems to be a big factor, in contrast to many beer bars. Almost all gentleman’s clubs are air-conditioned and feature lounge type sofa seating or small booths which give a luxurious seating option and a little privacy.

Closed doors are often mentioned to us, as like any city the streets can be a noisy place, so sitting kerbside in a bar is not for everyone, a far more tranquil experience can be found behind closed doors.

Decor is another factor and the level of fixtures and fittings, as these are normally of better quality. Business Broker Consultants will act on your behalf to establish exactly which fixtures and fittings are included in the sale, so that you don’t get any surprises like walking in and finding an empty shell (it has been known).

Now this one is up for debate, but many Pattaya visitors say that the welcome in a gentleman’s club is that little bit more sophisticated and less raucous, than the instant party welcome that you can get in more traditional style bars.

A Great Lifestyle Choice

A factor you may not know about many gentleman’s clubs here in Pattaya is that a lot of them mainly target or cater for day time trade. Now as an owner this can be a boost to the kind of lifestyle you want to live as they also close earlier.

So if you are going to be hands on, then your working day is afternoons and early evenings, meaning that you can go off and enjoy Pattaya at night after a relaxing dinner and embrace the lifestyle change.

The Wrap

Strong growth in visitor numbers, a growing popularity amongst expats and a superb lifestyle opportunity.

What’s not to like about buying a gentleman’s club in Pattaya?

Talk to Business Broker Consultants today, and start your journey to a fantastic alternative lifestyle.

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