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What is a Pattaya Beer Bar

The bedrock of the Pattaya nightlife scene and Pattaya beer bars are still one of the strongest visitor attractions for first timers and old hands.

Beer bars are often the business of choice for first-time buyers or for those looking for a very simple business to run and enjoy socialising with friends and family.

In our latest blog we take a look at the Pattaya institution that is the beer bar.

Talking Beer Bars

Quite simply, Pattaya beer bars are almost legendary, and certainly when Business Broker Consultants started our operation in Pattaya, many of our first sales were beer bars.

They are loads of fun for thousands of visitors each year, and offer a no frills introduction to Pattaya nightlife.

You will find many in small complexes as well as stand-alone units, and they offer a wealth of choice to those looking for a beer bar for sale in Pattaya.

Every beer bar Business Broker Consultants advertises for sale is fully researched by an experienced consultant from our team and you can be assured that you are purchasing a legitimate business.

We say this as you will see many small beer bars with for sale signs outside and this can be a slightly perilous route without the backup, support and research that using an experienced broker like Business Broker Consultants can deliver.

Beer Bar Options

Probably too many to list here, but let’s enlighten you with a few.

Beer bars come in all shapes and sizes and tend to be a cheaper option if you're looking to change your lifestyle for the better and live or work in Pattaya.

Many come with brash neon signs and an outstanding sound system, some are more understated and if they are in a complex will often have centralised music which can work out cheaper.

Changing the name is easy and you as a new beer bar owner can put your own stamp on the business.

Once you have your beer bar, we suggest you ensure that you and the staff focus on the welcome, the rest will follow.

You can sometimes negotiate a deal to buy two together and incorporate them into one, if it’s your goal to make a bold statement.

Business Broker Consultants assist both parties to stay focused on the ultimate goal and smooth out minor issues that may arise. Our goal is to make your business purchase as smooth as possible.

The rest of the choices are really down to how you want your beer bar to look, feel and operate. Sounds exciting doesn’t it “Your Beer Bar”

Don’t Delay

A new and exciting lifestyle in the sun awaits you, and you can make some money while you’re doing it. Beer bars are a great investment and will certainly be a part of the Pattaya nightlife scene for many years to come.

Business Broker Consultants can help you realise your dream.


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