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The Growth of Gentlemans Clubs In Pattaya

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Pattaya has always been well known for its wide choice of Agogo bars, Beer Bars and Guest Houses and Business Broker Consultants have assisted many customers over the years to buy or sell these businesses.

However, a newer type of business over the last few years which has seen and is continuing to see tremendous growth, are Gentleman's Clubs.

Many of those looking for businesses in Pattaya may not be totally familiar with the term and how it differs from the ordinary Pattaya type bar, so the team at Businesses Broker Consultants put our heads together for this blog that puts you in the know.

Read on.

Pattaya Gentleman's Clubs

Gentleman's clubs are a firm fixture in the Pattaya nightlife scene today and judging by the growing number of them opening up, they are a sound investment.

Visitors to Pattaya are always looking for the next new trend, and many are now looking for a little more than an open beer bar, or at least the option of choice.

Businesses Brokers Consultants, have a healthy enquiry stream for Gentleman's Clubs in Pattaya as buyers looking to invest in businesses in the town can see the potential.

The term Gentleman’s Clubs can be a loose interpretation and visitors will each find one that suits their particular needs. Generally they are a behind closed doors oasis away from the rigours and stresses of life and the daily grind.

Some can be quite luxurious while others offer a functional decor and areas for private entertaining. You will certainly receive a warm welcome and being air-conditioned and with the outside noise shut off, will feel very relaxed straight away.

Running a Gentleman’s Club

Just like any Pattaya business, you will need to have good staff who can run things while you are away from the premises or work closely with you if you’re a more hands on type of owner.

The normal local laws and rules apply, but our experienced team can help you navigate through this with solid advice or by putting you in touch with the right people in Pattaya to ensure that buying a Gentleman's Club is a seamless transition.

And Finally

One thing a gentleman’s club can often give you is more of an opportunity to make decor, layout and other changes as against a simple beer bar.

Gentleman's clubs are more welcoming and the closed door policy attracts a wide demographic mixture so you may want to review your beverage offerings.

As always, Business Broker Consultants are here to help you purchase your dream lifestyle in Pattaya, and offer advice based on many years of experience.

Make a positive change to your life, talk to us today.


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