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The Difference Between A Holiday And Living In Pattaya

Pattaya’s name is known across the world and it has a sometimes unfairly tainted reputation. Blossoming in the 60’s and 70’s as a rest & recreation place for GI’s and sailors from the nearby US Naval Base at Sattahip, few would recognise it today.

Business Broker Consultants have been here for over 20 years and seen many changes (good, indifferent and bad) but the one thing that remains constant is the attractive lure of a hedonistic nightlife and lifestyle that attracts millions of visitors each year, and those that fall under Pattaya’s spell and buy a business here.

But living here is very different from being a tourist, or as some expats call them “2 week millionaires”


Holidays to Pattaya are readily available and it's easy to get to, only just over an hour from Bangkok's international Airport and under 45 mins from Utapao Airport.

A wide selection of hotels and guesthouses, restaurants, aggogo’s, massage shops and bars await the tourist, and it's not long before the love affair begins.

As a tourist you will receive smiles all day, and great service, but remember some of this is because you are either tipping the waiter, driver, barman or tour guide.

You will be pampered and looked after and feel you are being held in high regard as a visitor, like many before you who are spending money freely on their annual holiday.

Many then decide to stay or move here and often buy a business, favorites tend to be buying an Agogo or a Massage shop, both of which are great businesses to run.

But what about living here long term?


Once you have purchased your business and its open and running you start to settle into Thai life, you may find yourself beginning to integrate more and take on some of the Thai living style, but others simply stay true to their home roots and expect things to be as they are in Europe, the UK or the US “there not!”

Alcohol can also play a big part in a downfall here, if you have asked Business Broker Consultants to find you a great Agogo and you're planning to run it, ask yourself are you operating it as a business or as a drinking club for mates?

A massage shop is another great buy, and many expats purchase them, but what happens if you are continuing your holiday lifestyle and never around to supervise the business?.

You will soon find that any business here in Pattaya requires supervision and a sharp eye if you are going to protect your investment.

It's often the case that a small percentage of the population don't like foreigners living as Thai’s, they see you shopping at the local market, driving a motorbike instead of taking taxis, getting a deal on everything. Some think you should be paying foreigner prices.

But that is rarely said out loud, a cooling stare or bayful eye is often the worst thing experienced.

And Finally

So we ask you to think carefully about the way you want to operate your business and live here, there are many success stories and tales of failure.

Business Broker Consultants can not only find the right business for you, but also offer advice and help with getting to grips with Thai Life.

It really can be The Land of Smiles.


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