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Massage Shop For Sale



Thousands of people including local Thais enjoy the complete relaxation that a traditional Thai massage can bring, especially after a busy day.


Pattaya is a fast-paced vibrant city, and sometimes you just need to unwind.

This is why the city is blessed with a great selection of massage shops and some are For Sale.

Why Buy a Massage Shop?

Taking over a massage shop in Pattaya can be a simple process and the established ones will have regular repeat customers.


Taking over a massage shop in Pattaya will not necessarily require a considerable investment, but will still require due diligence to be carried out.

Location is considered vital for a small to medium size massage shop.

How Too

It is important that you decide on the style and services you want to offer within your massage business. This is key to finding the right business to purchase and will fit in with your goals and business plan.


Again a small massage business is a relatively easy business to manage and run. Many ex-pats living in Pattaya often have their Thai wife or girlfriend running this kind of business. 


If run correctly a small massage in Pattaya can generate a reasonable profit.

Size Matters

Massage shops in Pattaya come in many sizes and shapes. You will need to consider staffing levels and the services you wish to offer. Many staff working in massages in Pattaya do not get a salary and work on commission only. 


A larger shop with a greater range of therapeutic massage services will probably attract more customers, but a small shop encourages interaction between staff, owners and your regular customers.


Don’t believe everything you read! Don’t get caught up in the negativity of others! Pattaya is a bustling metropolis for locals and ex-pats. There is always a need for good massage shops.

Talk to Pattaya’s premier and only dedicated business broker first. For the very best advice contact Business Broker Consultants (BBC) today.

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