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Pattaya’s Plans For The Future

Pattaya’s Plans For The Future

As the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel glows brighter every month, Pattaya has comprehensive plans for 2021/22 and indeed for the next decade.

We can point to several areas and projects that will speed the recovery and Business Broker Consultants are gearing up for a busy period as the things slowly start to turn back to normal.

The New Pattaya

If you listen to the doom and gloom aficionados, they would curdle milk. Pattaya’s standing as one of SE Asia’s most visited resort areas does not vanish overnight.

But there will be changes and Business Brokers Consultants have been in business here for over 20 years, having experienced changes before.

Pattaya recently announced a string of innovative measures that will further attract business buyers and visitors to the area.

Transportation is a major feature, and the planned Monorail project on beach road will be a great footfall driver and unique feature to the city.

As well as making it easier to travel around Pattaya, it also offers cooling protection from those wonderful sunny days.

Moving people around faster means they can cover more bars and attractions in a shorter amount of time. All pointing to providing people with an enhanced visitor experience.

Moving Forward

Like many tourist destinations across the world, Pattaya is looking to mildly re-invent itself, while still keeping many of the traditional attractions alive.

A change in demographics is clear, with both bar and Agogo owners needing to adapt their offering to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.

Other areas that the local Government are spending some serious money on will be the Pattaya and Jomtien Beach improvements and the proposed major overhaul for the Walking Street area. We have already seen the start of this with the disappearance of the ugly overhead power and comms cables.

The Future For Businesses

After some hard times worldwide, businesses will be back with a bang. Pattaya will be no different. Infact Pattaya has always attracted entrepreneurial business people, ready to step up to the challenge that this vibrant city offers.

If you fancy the idea of owning a business in Pattaya then you would be well placed to discuss your business plans with our team.

Business Broker Consultants are ready to take enquiries from serious buyers looking for Beer Bars For Sale in Pattaya or Agogo Bars For Sale in Pattaya.

Let our experience and expertise find a great location and the right venue for you.

The Wrap Up

Now is definitely a great time for people looking to purchase businesses in Pattaya.

The resort is focusing on becoming one of the leading destinations for tourism in SE Asia and is set to welcome millions of visitors as soon as possible.

Contact Business Brokers Consultants today and let us put the wheels in motion for your dream move or retirement.


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