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Pattaya’s Visitor Demographics - Who Comes & From Where

For Pattaya, the times are indeed changing. Any visit to a Pattaya dedicated Facebook group or one of Pattaya’s forum pages will notice an array of mixed messages.

If you’re considering looking for a beer bar for sale in Pattaya, you will need to understand Pattaya’s changing demographics and how they could affect the customer base.

Pattaya will still be a busy, vibrant holiday and nightlife resort, and a beer bar in Pattaya is still a great opportunity for a fantastic lifestyle in the sun.

A Realistic Viewpoint

There will always be people who see nothing but negatives. Pattaya has a few, and the pandemic has fuelled these prophets of doom.

Many bar owners are waking up to the changing demographics and the need to offer services to a wider market. This can be as simple as offering dual language pages on websites and social media to revising the drinks list and incorporating several new lines from such countries as S Korea, China, Japan and India.

Many of the people looking for an Agogo bar for sale in Pattaya have done their research and seen for themselves the big spending customers that many Agogo bars attract from outside the traditional western hemisphere demographic.

A savvy Pattaya beer bar or Pattaya Agogo bar operator can capture that market and develop a thriving business which still caters for traditional visitors.

Who Visited Pattaya

The winds of change have actually been blowing for some time before the Covid pandemic and statistics from the website in 2019 delivered some interesting results.

In 2018 the greatest volume of visitors to Pattaya were from East Asia with 26,064,292. China of course delivered the highest numbers of visitors, but Malaysia was a strong 2nd with 4,097,604 visitors.

Compare that with Europe at 6,765,326 visitors in 2018, with Russia making up close to 1.5 million of those visitors.

Now it has to be said, predominantly a higher percentage of European visitors are here for the bar scene, but anyone buying a new beer bar in Pattaya has to consider their potential new customers.

If you’re going to buy an Agogo bar in Pattaya, even more attention should be given to the demographics as very high numbers of non western visitors prefer to visit Agogo bars.

Will Pattaya Boom Again?

Yes, the Thai Government and local authority are investing enormous sums in the infrastructure to make sure Pattaya will be Thailand’s go to resort destination. There is never a better time than now to find a beer bar for sale in Pattaya or an Agogo bar for sale in Pattaya. Prices are competitive and availability is good.

Part of your plans should be to establish ways of welcoming this new customer sector. If you don’t, you may regret lost opportunities.

Remember that the size of population of the two biggest of these countries means that if only a small percentage visit Pattaya, the numbers can eclipse the entire populations of some European nations.

Adapt and flourish, talk to Business Brokers Consultants for honest and factual advice.


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