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Eastern Seaboard Planned Expansion

Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard region will receive an enormous boost to the local infrastructure over the next few years, which will see greater numbers of visitors flocking to this popular resort city.

Bar and Agogo owners have welcomed the news, and on the back of this significant boost to Pattaya’s fortunes we wanted to examine the plans and what they could mean for those looking for a beer bar for sale in Pattaya or searching for an Agogo to buy in Pattaya.

Exciting times ahead.

What Is The Eastern Seaboard?

The Eastern Seaboard encompasses the three provinces of Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong and covers an area of over 13,000 square kilometres.

The Government’s plan is to further increase the technological manufacturing and tourism services in these provinces, delivering a significant infrastructure boost.

In the heart of this area in Chonburi Province, sits Pattaya, which will notably benefit from the projects to boost both industry and tourism.

Development Projects

The three major projects that will give Pattaya a push as a tourist resort will be connected to transport.

They will improve air connections with the expansion of U-Tapao Airport’s capacity from 800,00 passengers per year to a whopping 3 million. This includes a new 2nd terminal and runway extension, which means a greater number of happy tourists finding it easier to fly into Pattaya and the region’s attractions.

The second major project will be the development of the high speed eastern region railway line with a double track system. Anyone who has ever travelled to Pattaya by train will know that this is a much needed upgrade, delivering, fast travel down to Pattaya from Bangkok Airport and up from U-Tapao.

The other noteworthy project is the continued expansion of the highways and motorways network. There will be widening and upgrading of existing highways and new construction of interchanges and non motorway regional roads.

Resulting in yet another boost to Pattaya’s visitor numbers, both international and domestic.

Great News For Pattaya

Despite what you may think, Governments do not embark on such infrastructure projects and invest billions without an excellent reason and a plan to ensure that those projects deliver growth.

A major part of this will be increased tourism to the region, and that means a lot more visitors to Pattaya, much improved transportation which will attract new visitors and a high probability of people spending more time in Pattaya as the direct flight options to UTapao Airport increase.

So as a prospective investor with nightlife industry plans, you should now look for a beer bar for sale in Pattaya, as there has never been a better time. If you want to seriously invest and develop a significant income, then finding an agogo for sale in Pattaya should be a priority, as once everyone else’s realises the scale of investment and improvement to the region and its impact on increasing tourist numbers.

Everyone will want a slice of the pie.


Business Broker Consultants are excited for Pattaya’s future and are already seeing increased levels of enquiries for beer bars and agogo bars in Pattaya.

Talk to the professionals and strike while the iron is hot.

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