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Where to Live When Buying A Pattaya Property

Buying a business in Thailand is of course the major part of the plan, and as the anticipation and excitement grows about your new bar, an Agogo or massage shop and the grand opening night you will have planned, you might want to think a little about living out here and where?

Now some will be living above their businesses, but that’s not for everyone. Some people are buying businesses as an investment and putting a manager in, so will travel backwards and forwards.

But for most it is a complete change of lifestyle and they will live here permanently once they Buy a business in Thailand and start living the good life.

So in this blog, our team at Business Broker Consultants takes a look at some of the principal areas to live in Pattaya and the pros and cons.

Popular Areas

So if you have decided that living above your business is not for you, then there are lots of residential options in Pattaya and the surrounding area to consider.

The town itself has a wide range of condos and apartments for rent or sale, and you will be in the heart of the Pattaya action.

But buying a business in Pattaya might mean you want to live slightly away from the premises and be close to a beach or buy a house with a garden, particularly if you have or are planning to have pets.

Just outside of town, the areas of Nakula, Jomtien and what is called “The Darkside” offer an enormous range of houses for rent and for sale, some with pools and sizable gardens.

You will also find a lot of these areas have more locals living there, so a great way to integrate yourself into life here and to maybe learn a few words of the language.

Living in your business

First thing to remember is “you are always on call” so those planned nights off with a pizza in front of the TV might not always work out. Second thing is, you will find yourself constantly looking and listening.

Is the bar busy, is that a group of massage clients outside, has a birthday party just arrived in my gentlemen's club etc, etc.

It can be hard to switch off.

Maybe living accommodation away from your businesses is right for you, or are you happy keeping a close eye on things and loving the hustle and bustle?


We will look at some of these areas in a lot more depth in future blogs, but you can relax knowing that living here in Pattaya and finding accommodation is straightforward and you will be blessed with choices.

We are happy for you to learn from our experience and local knowledge, and we are here to help you Buy a business in Pattaya as well as settle in.

After all, we would like an invitation to opening night please.


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