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What Licences Do I Need To Run A Business In Thailand

In previous blogs we have covered the various topics about ownership and Buying a business in Thailand but as most of the businesses we help customers buy here are bars, agogo’s, gentlemen’s clubs and other nightlife sector entertainment venues, we get a lot of questions about licensing.

We are sure as 0you read on, this will all be helpful.

Basic Requirements

Although it depends on the type of business you buy but as it’s most likely to be in the entertainment sector, you will need an alcohol license.

This is an absolute requirement in Pattaya and Thailand and it is not much different from the rest of the world being basically a license to be able to sell alcohol.

The license application has to be submitted to the local district office and the application must be made by one of the owners.

There is a readily available list of the documents to be supplied and much of it is straightforward such as address proof, passport copy (if it’s a foreigner), ownership documents, etc.

Another area you must consider is that it is forbidden to sell alcohol near religious areas and schools. This is where using an experienced broker like Business Broker Consultants ensures that your license application is correctly submitted with our due diligence being done.

Other Licenses

When you buy a business in Pattaya, it may already be selling food as many guest houses and bars do in Pattaya, or you might want to start an additional revenue stream in the food sector, in which case you will need a Food Licence.

These are again obtained from the local Municipality or District in which your business is located (Pattaya falls under Banglamung and Chonburi).

Simply put, it is a licence that confirms that an establishment has met the requirements to receive a food license and be run solely or in part as a food service establishment. This often requires an inspection from the local health office, but these processes are reasonably straightforward.

The Entertainment license is a requirement if your business is currently or planning to engage in dancing, the entertainment of customers via staff entertainers (Agogo) a massage shop, or live music.

This licence almost always requires a premises inspection, but if you are buying a business in Pattaya that is already operating under these criteria, it is normal to simply make an application to change names, etc.

Once again, our experienced team can help with guidance and advice on this.

A Tobacco License is the other major one that needs to be looked at, and this one is a little more interesting and requires local expertise and guidance. If you plan to sell tobacco on the promises it’s a must, but if you are not, it may also be worth having.

Maybe during an inspection you have customers smoking on the premises but cannot prove that they purchased that tobacco “off premises”. With the onus of proof falling on the venue, it’s sometimes just very much easier to point at the brightly displayed license on the wall.

But let our experts guide you.

Final Thoughts

So as you can see there is of course licensing legislation like any country but it is nothing to be overly worried about or to stop you going ahead with your plans to buy a business in Thailand

It goes without saying that operating your premises without the correct licensing in place would not be well received if discovered, and this is why we are here to not only give you every assistance in buying your dream businesses in Pattaya, but also to make sure opening night is a relaxed affair.

Talk to Business Broker Consultants today about the opportunities to buy a business in Pattaya and make your life changing move to Pattaya and the sunshine.


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