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Living In Pratumnak

Pratumnak Hill is the highest point in Pattaya and although it does not feel particularly high, you can actually feel a change in temperature some days compared with the town.

A hugely popular visitor spot known for its spectacular views across Pattaya Bay and out to Koh Larn Island.

But is it a good place to live when you are buying a business in Pattaya?

The Business Broker Consultants team has prepared our latest blog, enjoy.

Where is Pratumnak

A mere 3.5km from Central Pattaya Beach road is the Pratumnak viewpoint and the Big Buddha view point and temple. Slightly after that, there are several soi’s that run down to Pratumnak and Cozy Beach, which are two nice little quiet coves.

If you chose to live here, you are still only 10 minutes from central Pattaya and its nightlife, but not immersed in the hustle and bustle 24/7.

On a map, you will easily identify it as the headland sticking out that separates the northernmost beaches from Pattaya itself.

Facilities for Living

There are houses for rent and sale but the majority of Pratumnak accommodation is condominiums and there is everything from super budget options to five star sea and beach view condos with two or more bedrooms.

If you have had a fantastic night in your new Agogo or Beer bar, it’s the perfect area to relax and unwind.

There is Pattaya’s only park on your doorstep as well as outside fitness stations on the hill.

Buying a business in Thailand with all its nightlife temptations means you may want to “up the exercise levels” and the area is popular for leisure and fitness.

There are lots of pharmacies available and you’re still only 15 mins from the nearest hospital.

A bonus to consider about living on Pratumnak is that it is unaffected by the Monsoon rain street flooding.

You can also join the Varuna Yacht Club located next to Cozy Beach if your pleasure is Yachting, Sailing or just relaxing around boats.

There are some well-kept paths down the hill which will bring you straight to Bali Hai Pier and Walking Street or, as always in Pattaya, there are plenty of taxis and motorcycle taxis, if you are not ready for your own transport.

Food, Drink and Shops

A really great selection of restaurants and cafes is spread across Pratumnak and as you are primarily here to Buy a business in Pattaya, eating out around Pratumnak gives you a good chance to chat with expats.

Down near the beaches you will find small Thai food places and some very upmarket top end eateries

If you want upmarket Thai food with a sea view, then Cabbages and Condoms on Soi 4 is popular, as is The Chocolate factory and Sky Gallery above Cozy Beach for international food and Thai.

There are a few bars scattered around the hill and these tend to be mostly patronised by locals and the Pratumnak Hotel Tourists.

For shopping, there is everything you need for your basic day to day needs like 7/11, FamilyMart, lawyers, pharmacies, dentists and a few small household goods stores. For larger items, Pattaya is a mere 10- 15 mins away.

The Wrap

The BBC team have enjoyed writing these as sometimes we even need reminders of how much Pattaya has going for it in terms of living out here.

So when you contact us to help Buy a business in Thailand, be assured you are dealing with experienced professionals who know the area and the town.

Business Broker Consultants are here to help you fulfill your dream.

Contact us today.

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Philip Fletcher
14 feb 2022

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