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Living In Central Pattaya

In one of our popular recent blogs we explored the fundamentals of where to live when buying a Pattaya property and not only did we promise to look at some of the areas in depth, but the feedback requests we received asked us to delve deeper into some of those popular areas.

Business Broker Consultants are never ones to disappoint, so enjoy the first blog, where we focus on Central Pattaya.

Central Pattaya

A great location to start this series of blogs as most of you who are Buying a business in Pattaya will be looking in or close to this area.

Generally thought of as the area between North Road, South Road and the Sukhumvit Road, it really has everything you could wish for and more.

Living in this area keeps you right in the heart of the Pattaya action, and within easy reach of the beach road. Two excellent quality modern hospitals are located here Pattaya Memorial Hospital and City Hospital.

There are lots of Agogo Bars and Beer bars in the area, plus plenty of massage shops, so there is a strong chance that this area will be where you to Buy a business in Pattaya and secure an alternative lifestyle.


Central Pattaya is one of the easiest areas to get around by local transport. The venerable Baht Buses (Songteauws) circle Central Pattaya and you can simply jump on and travel across the area for as little as 10b (£0.21).

It's a favourite area for circling taxis and there are motorbike taxis on every corner.

And coming next to Pattaya is the planned Beach Road Monorail which will deliver a fast air conditioned option for travelling along the beach road.

But if you want to stretch your legs and cast your eye across the local special offers, then it’s a great area to walk, with some small shady soi’s.

Shops and Restaurants

A huge choice of shopping options from small local stores, markets on 2nd road and Soi Buakhao to the large modern fully air-conditioned Central Festival and Harbor Malls.

Everything from international brands to local crafts, plus home products, electronics and clothing.

For eating out options, you are spoilt for choice and it’s great fun exploring the central Pattaya area for little local food shops and trying the Thai delicacies. You will find, however, that there is plenty of Thai food close to your business and with your Thai staff there is “always” food around.

But if you prefer to stay international, Pattaya has a huge selection of good quality restaurants with English, American, Italian, French, German, Scandinavian and many more cuisines.

When you Buy a business in Thailand, you are never far from food.

Wrapping things up

We hope that gives you a brief insight into central Pattaya and the infrastructure, and it is certainly easy to get around, but as you will find, it’s an area full of hustle and bustle.

Great for your business though and where most visitors head to first, but do you want to live


Luckily, you have options.

Business Brokers Consultants primary function is to help you secure Buying a business in Thailand and steering you through that process to ensure that everything runs smoothly, but we are always happy to help with local knowledge and share our experience.

Change your life forever and live the dream, contact us today.


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