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5 top things you need to know about running a bar in Pattaya

Many people may wonder what is there to know?. Well you will find out there is quite a bit you need to know and while Pattaya is a fantastic place to run a bar and live, there are challenges and local customs and laws can take a little getting used to.

As always at Business Brokers Asia, our blogs try to be informative as well as putting your mind at rest, so that you, like thousands of others, can feel confident that buying a bar in Pattaya is the right choice.

Top Picks

1: Keeping on the right side of the law. Yes it's our number one and a channel we get asked hundreds of questions about, but it really not that hard

Like all countries Thailand has a set of laws for bars and the sale of alcohol and while they may seem different to those your used to “when in Rome” etc

For all our customers buying a bar in Pattaya we offer help and support right from the start, we can put you in touch with competent lawyers and licensing services, that will make sure the process is as smooth as it can be.

Plus we are always happy to share our many years of Pattaya nightlife business experience.

Stick to the rules, and it's plain sailing.

2: As you are likely to need staff you will need to quickly understand how Thai people work and the labour laws and “unwritten rules”. For example the sharing of tips is a huge thing here and can be a bone of contention that can easily cause friction.

There are minimum wage rules as well as rules on working hours, all of these will be well known to your lawyer and licensing adviser.

If staff feel looked after and reasonably rewarded they will become incredibly loyal to a good boss who takes care of them, you can then relax a bit more and enjoy life in the sun.

3: We get asked a lot of questions about drink suppliers, and this is something you will have very few issues with.

Food and beverage suppliers are plentiful here in Pattaya and range from small businesses who drop off on a motorbike & sidecar to large warehouse shops that can supply a great range of local and international products.

For food supplies there is a Makro and several food service businesses as well as local butchers and specialty food suppliers.

Now you might not be able to get a Domaine Leroy Chambertin Grand Cru 1990, but are you likely to sell it?

4: Once you have completed the process of buying a bar in Pattaya you may want to do some remodeling.

Maintenance and construction is an area where everyone knows someone, but skill sets can be varied. Make sure you only engage someone who comes recommended either by Business Broker Consultants or a fellow experienced bar owner.

They will have already sorted the wheat from the chaff.

5: Last but by no means least, local holidays and customs. Get to know these like the back of your hand and you will never get caught. There are lots of religious and national holidays in Thailand and some of these come with a ban on alcohol sales, so make sure you have not got a live band or a menu launch planned on that day.

If there is a national disaster or a member of the royal family dies, many Thais will want to go to the local temple for prayers. Handle these events with sensitivity and compassionately.

Having multi trained staff will help your bar easily deal with these types of situations.

Enjoy the experience

Embrace the change when buying a bar in Pattaya, relax and go with the flow. It all comes good in the end and after all you are here for a better lifestyle in the sun and some relaxation time.

We are happy to help and answer any questions you may have.


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