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Defining an Agogo in Pattaya

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Probably the ultimate dream for those looking to experience Pattaya’s world renowned nightlife as a businessperson is to become an Agogo bar owner.

Spending your days exploring beaches and islands or lounging by the pool, then at night being surrounded by a bevvy of beautiful girl dancers, who are always looking to impress the boss with their dance skills.

Serious money can be made if you get your marketing right and good staff, as well as enjoying running a business like no other.

Now you would think most people know, but we thought a nice simple blog was called to define an Agogo bar.

What’s an Agogo

In Pattaya there are many sizes of Agogo, and a mix of themes, but most follow a similar basic business principle akin to many Agogo worldwide.

An Agogo bar is an establishment that provides entertainment via dancers in a variety of scantily clad outfits and sometimes these are part of the theme of the overall business decor or part of a theme night.

Most outlets have a central stage with chrome or stainless dancing poles. Pole position is often down to the manager or local supervisor (Mamasan) depending on the girl’s dancing skills and general performance ability.

A wide range of alcoholic drinks are served and include wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks if required.

Seating arrangements are fairly standard and can be on several levels but normally booth or bench type seating with small tables on 2 or 3 sides.

Business Broker Consultants deal with all types of Agogo bars for sale, here in Pattaya and can advise you on the best one for your particular requirements.

The Agogo Business

Many Agogo owners here in Pattaya lead a comfortable lifestyle and have made their business deliver a decent return. This needs some initial work and lots of Agogo’s here implement active marketing strategies, as well as keeping up with current trends.

You can recruit dancers locally, or via advertising yourself, or there are agencies that service the industry.

One or two outlets will have an arrangement with a local restaurant or cafe and can provide snack meals if customers get peckish and this can be a good outsourced revenue stream.

Most businesses also derive additional revenue from creating T-shirts, Hats, Key rings etc and often customers will buy these for their favourite dancer to wear.

Agogos tend to be night time venues that are open until the early hours, so the other bonus of owning an agogo is that you can still spend your days on the beach or by the pool.

To close

Make your dream happen. Often a lot of time is spent “dreaming the dream” but little time making it happen.

Business Broker Consultants are Pattayas most experienced business sales and purchase consultants and will help you purchase your dream Agogo bar and ensure that all the paperwork and formalities are in place.

Your job on opening night is to relax with your customers and enjoy the show’s.

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