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Can Foreigners Buy A Business In Thailand?

Yes, but don't worry that's not the extent of this latest blog, we are far more thorough than that.

It's a surprising question that we get asked a lot, and it makes us wonder how people think we have become one of the most successful business brokers in Pattaya for over 15 years and selling many businesses to foreigners.

So we decided to clear up a lot of myths once and for all, for your peace of mind about your dream move and Buying a business in Thailand

What It Takes

It takes the right contacts and the right brokerage to make sure that everything you're doing is going to meet the requirements in Thailand for you to buy a business.

Almost all of the businesses marketed by Business Broker Consultants can be run by foreigners or foreign investment is also allowed. There are some restrictions which are reserved for Thai Nationals mainly in farming, banking, commercial transportation and mining. These exist under various laws and we can certainly help unmuddy the waters for you.

What it takes is for you to first find the right business and get an offer in or negotiations started and then once you have that process ongoing we can start to discuss how you want the business to be managed and set up.

What About Leasing

In terms of another question we get asked which is, can a foreigner have a lease for a commercial property in their own name?, again the answer is yes.

Any lease agreement can be in a foreigners personal name with a maximum period of three years without having to register the lease at the land office. There can be a clause in the lease contract to extend it for a further three year period.

Before you sign a lease agreement in Thailand whether it be on any type of commercial business as part of your dream to Buy a business in Pattaya, we will assist you in having it checked thoroughly before signing on the ‘dotted line’.

Business Broker Consultants specialise in writing, checking, translating and explaining lease contracts to clients as part of our service, and you can be assured that with our 15 years experience in the brokerage sector here in Pattaya, we know what to look out for.

Listen To And Use Experts

It is fair to say that in general when you are Buying a business in Pattaya Immigration, licensing and work authorisation procedures may be smoother when you buy rather than start a new business in Thailand.

There are various ways to form companies and obtain 100% foreign ownership of a business in Thailand, but a lot of that can be unnecessary and merely complicate how you want to set up and run your new business, and how you want to live your life here in Thailand..

As with all businesses purchases using established lawyers is an essential part of the process, and our experienced brokerage team and recommended lawyer partners will be working with you to make sure that you can get the business you want and change your life forever.

Too Close - Can Foreigners Buy A Business In Thailand

So we end with our original answer, and that answer was “Yes, a foreigner can buy a business in Thailand?, get the facts and don't believe that things are impossible.

We would however never say that buying your dream business here is not without the odd bump in the road, but with our dedicated team behind you and their due diligence, we ensure you get the right deal and it is done correctly.

If you want to make that dream move to the sun and Buy a business in Thailand take a look at the range of businesses on offer at Business Broker Consultants, Pattaya’s premier business brokers.


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