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Living In Jomtien

In this latest blog in our series of where to live options and information when you Buy a business in Pattaya we look at the area of Jomtien.

A little further away from Pattaya, but some significant benefits and you also find that although the difference is not massive, a large proportion of your daily costs for everyday items and rent etc will be a little lower than in Pattaya.

About Jomtien

Just 6km from central Pattaya, you will find one of the area’s most beautiful beaches which stretches for several miles all the way to “Na Jomtien” and delivers a peaceful lifestyle.

Without doubt it’s beach is one of the village’s principal assets and as you would expect, there is a wide variety of water sports available, such as parasailing, boat trips and diving. If you are into jet skiing, you can attend the annual Jet Ski World Cup competition held here.

It also boasts some of the coastline’s best sunsets. Great for sitting with a cocktail and getting ready to head off into town for a night in your Bar, Agogo or Gentlemen’s club business.


Once you have set your heart on living the dream and Buying a business in Thailand, the excitement mounts. But running a business here in Pattaya’s fantastic nightlife industry, although great fun, can lead to some late nights, so you need to think about how you are going to recharge the batteries.

Lots of budget studios or top end apartments and many have glorious sea views. There are houses as well, but these are set back from the beach area, but if you need garden space, this might be a better option.

Even if you choose accommodation at the far end of Jomtien, you will still only be 15- 20 mins from Pattaya and your business.

There are also a growing number of bars in Jomtien. Talk to Business Broker Consultants if any of those might be of interest to you. Always a good idea to explore your options when you are looking to Buy a business in Thailand and change your lifestyle for the better.

Restaurants and Infrastructure

Many people in Pattaya will often travel to Jomtien to visit the wide range of beach view restaurants offering international and Thai food.

Jomtien also has some great Italian restaurants such as Pan Pan Italian and Marco’s, and a superb choice of western style restaurants like café des Amis

And of course Thai and SE Asian food is catered for in the night market and on almost every street corner.

Jomtien also benefits from 3 good medical clinics which have relationships with the hospitals in Pattaya and can refer patients for further treatment if needed, but they offer a good level of tests, treatments and in the case of Chanya Medical Clinic, even minor surgery.

We would also mention Dr Olivier’s Clinic on Thepprasit Road, Soi 12 as he speaks Thai, German, English and French, making him a firm favourite with Ex Pats.

Last but not least, we must mention schools. Some of you who are making the dream move to Thailand and Buying a business in Pattaya may come with families or have a Thai family here.

Pattaya is certainly blessed with some great international schools and kindergarten facilities and all within a 15 to 35 min drive.

Some to mention would be the International school of the Eastern Seaboard and the highly rated Regents International School along with the equally good St. Andrews International School all well worth checking out and will give you peace of mind regarding your children’s education.

The Wrap

The Business Broker Consultants team enjoyed putting these informational blogs together as we recognise that for new arrivals in Pattaya finding the right business and securing a good deal is important, but getting the living accommodation right and the family happy and settled will make running your business in Pattaya that much more enjoyable.

Contact Business Broker Consultants today with any questions, happy to help.


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